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Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Best Videos [You Must Watch]

We all know dr biswaroop roy chowdhury very well. He is the priest of humanity, the messiah of the poor, the angel sent by God. Because of Dr BRC today kidney patients are able to escape from transplant, heart patients are cured without angioplasty and diseases like diabetes, BP are cured in just 72 hours. In conclusion, the more we praise Vishwaroop ji, the more it will fall short. dr biswaroop Videos prove to be a boon for those people who do not have money for treatment. In such a situation, there is a request to all of you that if you have any disease and your financial situation is not good, then you should watch dr vishwaroop rai chaudhary all the latest video. In today’s post, you are going to get very useful information, so read the whole post.
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#1. Dr Brc Hot Water Treatment (Grad Dialysis Tub for avoid kidney dialysis)

In this therapy, water does not heal you, but gravity heals you. The temperature of your water inside the Grad Dialysis Tub must be 40℃. There is a tool to measure 40°C temperature, which you will get in the market for ₹100 ($1). Dialysis means in simple language that all the useless things in your body are taken out of the body. This is called dialysis. When you sit inside this Kidney Grad Dialysis tub, the water should be up to your throat. When you come out of this tub after one hour, your body weight will be reduced by 1kg. It is also called hot water immersion therapy. At least you have to sit in it for 40 minutes only then it will work.


#2. Heart Blockage Treatment Without Surgery

Heart attack, blockage, and heart disease are the main reason for all these; Choice of Dairy products, Oily Food and wrong food. Apart from this, there are many reasons for which to know, Copy & Paste the following video url on Google.

【Video Link】⇓ 


#3. Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Seminar

This seminar is about one to two hours and was organized with pastor Ankur Narula ministry of The Church of Signs and Wonders in Jalandhar city of Punjab. In both these seminars, Biswaroop I told many such things which he had never spoken before. Like; Wheat was invented to make you sick for life. Before 1901, everyone in India used to eat millet grains. There are many disadvantages of eating rice and wheat. There are many alternatives to wheat and rice available in India and all over the world.

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#4. Dr Brc High BP (control high blood pressure)

Always keep this thing in mind that 80% of the patients who are currently taking Bp’s medicine are not actually victims of this disease but it is due to the White coat syndrome. Meaning when you go to the hospital, see a doctor wearing a white coat, your BP increases. The bigger the hospital, the bigger the degrees of doctors you see, at the same time your blood pressure also increases. To know whether BP is low or high, it is necessary to understand the Standard Value.

【URL Address】⇓ https://youtu.be/cy8BRq_5Bbc

#5. Dr Brc Thyroid treatment

The main reason for having Thyroid is the use of Refined Oil in cooking. Apart from this, people who eat iodized white salt can also have thyroid disease. So check out all the Unhealthy Food list today itself.

【Video Link】⇓ https://youtu.be/8UgUpCO1WFk

#6. Dr brc gas problem

Drinking tea and eating roti made of wheat flour becomes the reason for gas problem. Apart from this, the problem of gas problem persists throughout life, even after drinking water immediately after eating.

【URL】→ https://youtu.be/csNJtyfsmtY

#7. Dr Brc Cholesterol

High Cholesterol is a Medical Fraud.
Having cholesterol is a good thing. But those who take medicines to cure this so-called disease are actually doing their own harm.

【Video Link】⇓


#8. liver cirrhosis treatment by dr biswaroop roy chowdhury

Liver is an important part of the body. When liver cells die or there is a wound in it, then it shrinks. Liver cirrhosis disease is caused by the side effects of taking more medicines. Just one medicine called paracetamol is enough to destroy your liver.

【Video Link】⇓


#9. blood transfusion (thalassemia) dr biswaroop roy chowdhury

Thalassemia means blood disorder. Due to this disease, less hemoglobin is produced in the body. This disease is found in many children. Dip diet+ drink 200ml to 250ml juice of spinach leaves. The juice of green leaves is called Green Blood in scientific language. In such a situation, that child needs blood, then he gets green juice from the juice of the leaves. Apart from this, if you make a habit of drinking beetroot juice, then there is no need for the next blood transfusion. In this way you can say that thalassemia can be cured provided you follow Juice therapy + dip diet.

【Video Link】⇓

#10. Manage Diabetes without Insulin by Dr brc

You must have heard that once
Children suffering from diabetes type 1 started taking insulin, then for the rest of their life Will have to depend on insulin. But you can eliminate this disease by following the diet plan of BRC ji. Under the Drugs and Magic Remedy Act, if you tell someone outside in public that diabetes can be cured, then an FIR will be lodged against you. This is a law made by the British whose aim was to suppress Ayurveda.

Why Youtube Banned dr biswaroop roy chowdhury official youtube channel?

During MronaKaal, Biswaroop ji told the reality of Korona in India and the world, that too at the right time. Apart from this, he used to reveal other conspiracies of the medical world on his official youtube channel. That’s why his channel was terminated. Not only this,  All social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter) of Brc were also deleted. So that people do not know the reality of this trending disease.

Why are Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s Facebook page and social handles deleted?

The reason for this is the same as you know, I cannot openly talk about Who, Pharmaceutical companies and Political parties here. If you want to get detailed information about it, then I have written a dedicated post on it. Which displays all ‘conspiracy theories in India’.

Dr Brc all videos of banned
Official Youtube channel

Ans – Visit This channel  Click here 

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