Top 5 Most Famous Places to visit in Luxembourg

Top 5 Places to visit in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is a small but lovely country in Europe. The forts, museums, and historical places built here attract people towards them. Today we will know about Most Viewed & Top Rated luxembourg tourist attractions.

#1. Vianden Castle

Vianden castle entrance fee, vianden castle luxembourg opening hours,
Absolutely gorgeous castle, with informative signs in German and French. You are also able to rent an audio guide or download an app to learn more as you walk through. The castle is incredibly well-preserved and the views are phenomenal. There are many hiking trails around if you want to spend more time. The town is wonderful with lots of restaurants and right on the river.

Address:  Mnt du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg.

Ticket Price – 6 euros.

Timings: 10 Am To 6 PM.

Must Do Activities – Cable Car Ride 

#2. Parc Merveilleux

parc merveilleux luxembourg location, zoo in luxembourg city,
Beautiful Park and Zoo plenty of attractions for childrens. Animals really near to the fences can be seen perfectly. Extremely adviced for families and couples in order to pass a joyful day. It’s a great mix between a mini zoo, some attractions, nice picnic areas, good shade, ok cafes and restaurants, and plenty of benches for parents around the playgrounds. The playgrounds are safe and every year there’s something new. Get the family card and it becomes super cheap. Also, kids of every age enjoy feeding the animals and petting some of them.

Address: Rte de Mondorf, 3260 Bettembourg.

Ticket Price – 10 Euro.

Timings:  9:30 Am To 7 PM.

#3. Bourscheid Castle

bourscheid castle price, bourscheid castle tour,
The castle is located in the northwest of Luxembourg and most of it is the remains due to various invasions. The castle itself has 11 watch towers and we can enjoy the scenic beauty since the tower is at a height of 370m above sea level. Though most of the castle is destroyed it still holds the old-world charm and carries history dating back to the year 1000. Dogs with leashes are allowed. With the entry tickets, you get a brochure and an optional audio tour or guided tour. You exit through a small souvenir shop. A small cafeteria is also present inside. Worth visiting this one-of-a-kind and one of the oldest castles in Luxembourg!

Address: Schlasswee, 9140 Buerschent.

Ticket Price – 5 Euro

Timings: 9:30 Am To 5:30 PM.

#4. Parc Municipal

parc municipal luxembourg address, parc municipal information,

Such a big park at the center of the city is really good. Well connected to different places in the city. Lots of hang-out places nearby. A good place to spend time peacefully. Kids everywhere and families enjoying the shade. Water feature was well thought out and the pirate ship was awesome. The slides were hot but it was a sunny day. Swings and sand for the kids to play on.

Address: 18 Av. Emile Reuter, 2420 Luxembourg

Ticket Price – Entry Free

Timings: Open 24 hours.

#5. Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art ticket, grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art address location,

The museum shows a great spectrum of modern & contemporary art! It lets you discover it through multiple routes, which makes it more interactive and focus-shifting. At the same time, it also has pieces that show the story of older historical events which is super interesting. The price was worth it. Plan for anything between 1 to 3 hrs depending on your interest level. There are direct buses available from the city center.

Address: 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg.

Ticket Price – € 8 Euro

Timings: Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM. (Tuesday Closed)

Which Is Most Viewed Place On Google Maps In Luxembourg?

the most viewed place in Luxembourg is the Grand Duke’s Palace. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and is located in the city of Luxembourg. The palace is a popular tourist destination, and is known for its beautiful architecture and gardens.

Most viewed places in Luxembourg

Place NameLocation
Grand Duke’s Palace LuxembourgLuxembourg City
Bock Casemates (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Grund (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Chemin de la Corniche (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Adolphe Bridge (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Philharmonie Luxembourg (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Clervaux Castle (Clervaux)Clervaux
Vianden Castle (Vianden)Vianden
Echternach Abbey (Echternach)Echternach
Berdorf Waterfalls (Berdorf)Berdorf
Mullerthal (Little Switzerland)Luxembourg
Moselle ValleyLuxembourg
Luxembourg City History MuseumLuxembourg City
National Museum of Natural History (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
National Museum of Military History (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
European Investment Bank (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
European Parliament (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Mudam Luxembourg (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Rockhal (Luxembourg City)Luxembourg City
Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress) (Cochem)Cochem
Vianden Christmas MarketVianden
Luxembourg City Christmas MarketLuxembourg City
Echternach Spring ProcessionEchternach
Mullerthal TrailLuxembourg
Moselle River CruiseLuxembourg
Luxembourg City Walking TourLuxembourg City
Luxembourg City Food TourLuxembourg City
Vianden Castle TourVianden

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